John Ernest Vineyard & Winery

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Where can you find us?

John Ernest Vineyard & Winery is conveniently located 2 miles east of Tama off Highway 30, approximately 55 miles west of Cedar Rapids off Highway 30, 57 miles east of Ames off Highway 30, 69 miles northeast of Des Moines and 46 miles south of Cedar Falls/Waterloo.

You can see our location about a 1/4 mile north up the road on N Ave.  Our location is visible from Highway 30.  You can't miss our sign on the highway.

VIP...there's a new by-pass for Hwy. 30 that runs through Tama-Toledo.  Your GPS probably won't pick it up.  Just stay on Hwy. 30, past the new bypass, until Hwy. 30 turns back into a 2 lane Highway.  After that, you'll travel 1 more mile to the east and we'll be on the North side of the highway, a 1/4 mile up N Ave.